Revisions to the RCR Framework (2021)

New Guidance

Article Rationale for the addition
1.1 - New definition of Responsible Conduct of Research Addresses the absence of a definition of RCR in previous versions of the RCR Framework.
2.7 - New responsibility for researchers Recognizes the importance of appropriate supervision and training in the conduct of research.


Article Rationale for the clarification
3.1.1(b) - Falsification Broadens the definition to include any falsification that impacts the research record, regardless of whether it results in inaccurate findings or conclusions, which is more consistent with the objective of RCR.
3.1.1(c) - Destruction of research data or records Adds “data” to the definition and improves clarity by removing the idea that the purpose of destroying research records is primarily to avoid the detection of wrongdoing.
4.3.4(a) - Investigating allegations Includes guidance on who and how many people should be involved in conducting an inquiry.
4.3.6(a) - Accountability Includes guidance on what institutions should consider disclosing at the end of an RCR process.
4.3.6(b) - Accountability Clarifies the efforts expected of institutions to protect or restore reputations of those subjected to an unfounded allegation.
Glossary - Responsible allegation Adds a criterion for institutions to consider when deciding whether to dismiss or pursue an allegation. The definition also clarifies that institutions are responsible for considering responsibilities as listed in Section 2, not solely breaches in Section 3, when assessing whether allegations are responsible.

Modifications to Terminology

Article Former title New title Rationale for the modification
2.3 and 3.1.3 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administration Updates title of Guide.
2.4 Canadian Environmental Assessment Act Impact Assessment Act Updates name of Act.
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